October News

27th October 2023

Sword Security Staff were 'Spooktacular' at Rushfear Festival 2023

The 'Rushfear Festival' on Thursday 26th October saw the Sword Management Team along with the Sword Security staff at Rushmere Shopping Centre and extra staff from around the company descend on Rushmere for probably the busiest night of the year, the annual Halloween Fireworks night and a 'spooktacular day was had by all'!

Up to 6000 people attended the event, so you can imagine how busy a night it was for all staff. On behalf of the Management Team at Sword Security we would like to congratulate the whole team, who were professional and courteous throughout the night to all members of the public.

Joe Robson, Senior Operations Manager  at Sword Security commented: 'A BIG CONGRATULATIONS' goes to the staff who attended the two medical incidents on the night, where an old age pensioner fell and hit his head and a member of the public took an epileptic fit. Their quick thinking ensured both members of the public were looked after and cared for until Emergency Services arrived.

Recognition also has to go to Craig Kirkwood a member of St Johns Ambulance and a Sword Employee who was working in  the Rushmere Control Room and took control of the epileptic fit, ensuring the correct first aid procedures were carried out at the time and stayed with the person until help arrived.

We can never underestimate the need to provide ongoing  training to our front-line staff and this is a perfect example of our investment in training in action and how our extra focus on enhancing the service delivery to both our clients and their customers brings results. Well done once again to everyone on a very successful night .'