Customer Service

At Sword Security (NI) Ltd we deliver on our Customer Service promises by taking care of the customer's needs by providing and delivering a professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after our Clients requirements are met.

Customer service at Sword Security is our drive and goal in meeting the needs and desires of all our customers no matter how large or small they are or the service that we deliver to them and their stakeholders.

Sword’s deliverable characteristics of excellent Customer service include:
Promptness: Our core focus to deliver all our services “On time - Every Time”

Professionalism: is defined by our inner character, the behaviour we exhibit, and the image we project. It is about high-quality service to others through our work and a keen respect for others.

As a Company, we truly believe that these are the qualities complement and strengthen the business partnership with our Clients.
Sword Security’s professionalism is a trait that is highly valued, and we have made a significant investment and commitment to develop and improve our business through attaining nationally recognised business and industry accreditations and which serves as the foundation of our security solutions and subsequent Customer Service.

Politeness: Sword believe that politeness should not be a lost art. Saying "hello","good afternoon","sir" and "thank you very much" are a part of good customer service and in our business, using good manners has been a key to our success.