CCTV / Remote Monitoring

By being a “One Stop Shop” for all your security requirements, Sword Security are happy to be in the position to offer an economical alternative to some of the more expensive means of securing your premises.

We can provide our clients with a comprehensive electronic security system tailored to their individual needs and specific requirements. Equipment is always evolving and an investment to our clients, we take great care to employ highly trained and dedicated engineers to install, proactively maintain, monitor and integrate a cost effective, crucial security solution which is second to none.

Sword Security takes pride in ensuring that any system installed is regularly checked by our service engineers to warrant efficient running and certify that any reactive services like emergency call-outs are implemented effectively and on time.

Remote CCTV installation and monitoring as well as panic alarm response can be a costly venture but Sword Security is dedicated to keeping all our clients costs as economical as possible. So, by joining our client base you can be guaranteed a cost effective and highly professional service at all times.